Wochme Kick It Up A Notch (“Spice”)
owned by Diane and Alan Conroy
has just earned her
Flyball Master Championship!


NAFA CanAm Classic 2013
Regular Division 6 Champion
Barkaholics “Yappy Hour”
which includes Wochme Zoom Shelby (front row)
Photo credit:  Tanya Consaul Graphic Design


All of the dogs pictured above are from Wochme Border Collies…
From Left to Right:  Diane with Bizzy; Laurie with Blaze & Cody; Allen with Cruz & Hotrod; Sandy with Splash & Bree; Alan with Spice; Christine with Shelby & Sadie


Congratulations to the Wochme dogs that received recent titles (Note: Bree received all three the same weekend):
Wochme Breeze By Ewe (“Bree”) 
Owned by Sandy and Kathy Forseth 
 FD (Flyball Dog)
 FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent)
 FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion)
Wochme I’m Bizzy (“Bizzy”)
Owned by Diane and Alan Conroy
 FM  (Flyball Master)
Wochme Cruz (“Cruz”)
Owned by Laurie and Allen Rozar
 FDCH-S (Flyball Dog Champion – Silver)


Wochme Zoom Shelby (“Shelby”)
Owned by Christine Heckman
 FM  (Flyball Master)


Congratulations to “Crush”
owned by Alan C. in Florida.
who received the prestigious title of
Flyball Grand Champion on June 8th.
He earned 30,000 points to achieve this title!
Crush is not a Wochme puppy but he
is surrounded by several! 🙂 
Cody, Blaze and Cruz are owned by Laurie and Allen R.


Wochme Cody of Cairo (“Cody”)
is now a Flyball Master Champion
Cody is shown here at the Waverunners tournament
where his team was undefeated!
  Wochme Blaze of Glory(“Blaze”)
is now a Flyball Dog Champion – Gold!
Blaze is shown competing in Utah
where he won 1st place!
Wochme Cruz (“Cruz”)
is now a Flyball Dog Champion!
Cruz is shown starting.



Wochme I’m Bizzy (“Bizzy)
who is now a
Flyball Dog Champion – Gold!! 


is owned by Alan and Diane C. in Florida
and is a member of the Barkaneers Flyball Team!
Bizzy’s team took first place in
Division I Open
on June 8th!


Wochme Zoom Shelby (” Shelby”)
who has her CGC and is now a
Flyball Dog Champion – Gold!! 


Shelby is owned by Christine H. in Florida
and is a member of the Barkaholics Flyball Team!
Shelby’s team received a 1st place on June 8th!




Introducing…Members of the Barkaneers Flyball Team with the “Wochme Gang.”
(See the Wochme Flyball team on YouTube)