Thank you for visiting our website.  After giving it quite some thought, we have decided to quit breeding.  We have many dogs of our own that we feel are just being neglected, especially when we have new litters on the ground.  They are all loved very much by us but we would like to spend more time with them in training, participating in dog shows/performance events, and just having fun (they are not getting any younger and neither are we).  

We would like to thank everyone who has given one (or more) of our puppies such great homes.  And, we would still love to hear from you from time to time to get updates.  We do cherish your photos and e-mails.  

If you should have problems with your puppy or dog that you got from us in the future, please feel free to continue to contact us for advice.

Thank you for your friendship over the past 20 years.  We wish you all the best and continued success!


David and Vanessa Evans

and Lucy, Myrt, Deeks, Finley, Reebok, Ellie, Brodie, Star, Scottie, Dubya, Harvey, Louee, Boomer, Shadow, Maddie, Boo, Megan, Divya, Mandy and Bug at Wochme Border Collies